Thursday, 27 September 2012

How to increase your product exposure

As there are literally thousands upon thousands of stores in the UK alone selling a whole host of different products, helping customers come across the products your online store has for sale can often be difficult.

In order to maximise the number of people you get visiting your ecommerce store and purchasing the items you have for sale, there are a number of things you should be looking to do not only for your store as a whole, but also for each and every product you add:

  • Store Meta Tags - The keywords you place both within the text on your store pages and within headings for each page, determine where each of your pages will rank within search engines related to the keywords or phrase that is searched for. The keywords you use should relate to the overall type of products or services that your store provides such as "Mens Clothes."
  • Product Meta Tags - This varies from the keywords you have used for your webpage as all of these keywords should be related specifically to each one of the products you have in your store. This is something that many store owners tend to overlook, resulting is many of their products appearing way down search engine rankings. For every product you are adding to your store, you should place a meta title, description and keywords for each of them. As a general rule, the meta title and description should be exactly the same as the title of your product and the product description that you entered in the basic information for your product. The meta keywords you then enter should be phrases that relate to both the product and the category that the product is in.
  • Product Image Tags - Product images are not only important in helping customers get a better look at the products you have for sale, but you may also want to look to put Alt tags into the image to help improve the viability of your image when a user carries out an image search on a search engine. The tag you use should be a description of what the image depicts as well as including any keywords that relate to the product. 
  • Listing on Google Merchant - Linking your store up to Google Merchant is incredibly important in helping more people gain exposure to your products by having your products appear within Google product searches. This is a free service that you can sign up for.
All of these tasks will allow both your store and the individual products you list to appear as high up search engines and image searches as they possibly can. This will result in more people being exposed to your store and products, increasing the traffic your store will generate and helping to increase the overall sales you will achieve.

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