Thursday, 27 September 2012

Why it may be time to branch out from eBay

Having an eBay account to buy and sell products has become a way of life for many people who use the marketplace to purchase their goods, sell items they want to get rid of and even make a living by running an eBay store.

While the site has large traffic, many stores and a variety of different products available for customers, the increasing fees, customer demands and guidelines which people must follow has becoming an increasing problem for many online sellers. 

For this reason, many online stores are now considering branching out from eBay. By this I do not mean leaving eBay altogether as the traffic and sales the site can generate is substantial and something that no business should miss out on. However, businesses shouldn't rely on eBay as their only online selling channel as you are essentially using someone else's place to sell your products rather than having your own independent store. 

Creating your own ecommerce store that is either separate or integrates with your eBay store can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It separates your business from all other eBay sellers, allowing you to not only develop your own brand image, but also increase the number of users that will become aware of you and the products you have for sale. Customers would now come directly to your store rather than carrying out an eBay search and just stumbling to your store through the results. 
  • Provides you with more places for customers to come across your products. This also allows you to take further advantage of both social and mobile commerce by having your store appear correctly on mobile devices. It is expected that in the coming months leading up to Christmas, sales through mobile friendly stores will account for 20% of all online sales. 
  • Allows you to have a place to sell your products where you don't have to pay the added eBay fees and the store owner has much more control than the customer. 
  • Enables you to have a customised layout and design that relates more to your store and the items you sell. Once you have created a custom design for your ecommerce store, you can then apply that design to your eBay store, breaking away from the generic eBay style and improving the professional brand image your store has.

You may think that expanding your business to branch out from eBay would be a lot more work, but the truth is that having your own ecommerce store really is no extra work. Since we at eSellution began offering a free ecommerce store, we have seen a number of eBay store owners branch out and take their first steps into creating their own brand image through developing an ecommerce store, many of these because they have finally grown fed up with eBay. Our software has an easy to use dashboard interface that allows you to monitor and manage all of your products across all of your platforms easily. 

If you run an eBay store but have been thinking about branching out and trying your hand at creating an ecommerce store, you can sign up for a free ecommerce store with eSellution now at:

This gives you the opportunity to have your own store separate from eBay that has a mobile friendly layout and also has a Facebook version of the store for you to take advantage of the growing marketing and selling power of the social media site. 

Even if you have a really successful eBay store that provides you with a number of customers and sales every day, why limit your potential growth by just staying with eBay? Reaching out and developing your own brand identity allows you to further increase your sales and truly see how far your business can go. 

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