Wednesday, 19 September 2012

International Selling - Where to sell? [Infographic]

If your online store has achieved reasonable levels of success selling domestically, you may decide that you want to try your hand at selling Internationally. However, if you do decide that you want to spread your wings and try to sell across foreign shores, do you try and sell anywhere and everywhere or do you focus on certain countries?

An infographic produced by marketing company, Search Laboratory, has taken a look at which countries currently spend the most when shopping online and which countries are set to grow in the next year. 

If you are looking to branch out and sell online, the two biggest ecommerce countries excluding the UK is the US and Japan, with £174 billion and £50 billion spent respectively. However, when deciding which countries to sell to Internationally, you shouldn't just focus on the biggest grossing countries. Where you sell depends entirely on what products you sell. Some products will do better than others in various countries. For example, if you sell cartoon animations and other graphics, you will probably find that Asia will be your most successful International market to sell to and it might not do as well in say France, even though France is one of the biggest ecommerce countries with £26 billion spent.

If you aren't looking to sell Internationally right now, but may look to do it in the near future, which country should your ecommerce store be looking to target for the future? While China currently only has around £11 billion spent on ecommerce shopping, it is expected that the number of Internet users in the country will grow by 140 million to 626 million. While all of these won't be selling products online, there will still be a rapid growth in the number of Chinese people purchasing items online that you can take advantage of with a projected increase in ecommerce spending of £3 billion. However, while China is projected to see the biggest growth in terms of Internet users, the projected biggest increase in ecommerce spending belongs to India, who will have an ecommerce spending growth of £4.7 billion by 2013. 

Although you may wish to begin selling Internationally, you shouldn't forget about the vast number of sales that can be made in the UK. While the US spends the most as a country, it is the UK that is ahead of everyone else in terms of the amount spent per person.

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