Monday, 15 October 2012

Key features of eBay's new item page and what you need to do

The eBay revolution is well under way with a new logo, home page and now a new item page set to be released in the coming weeks. The new layout brings about a whole host of changes which will only be a positive in helping eBay stores achieve greater sales.

So what will the new item page bring?

Key Changes

  • Bigger Product Image - The size of the image has been increased to 500 pixels which will be a fantastic change for many online stores. The obvious benefit of this is that is will allow customers to see the products you have for sale in much greater detail. However, this size increase means that you must also have an image that is big enough to fit this space. If the image is too small, it is just going to harm the overall look of your product, as the image will either be smaller than your other product images or be pixelated. 
  • Clearer Buttons -  The "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons have received a bit of a makeover, changing their size so that they are bigger and more uniform, as well as altering the look so that they fit in more with the new sleek eBay design. The engagement buttons on the top right of the item page have also been changed, becoming easier for customers to see as they are now not cramped up against the seller information, but clearly displayed near the product header. 
  • Improved Condition and Shipping Visibility - The condition of the product has been moved to the very top of the right-hand column to allow buyers to instantly see the condition as soon as they load up the item page. Shipping information has been moved from the centre of the item page to the right-hand column underneath the product condition. 
  • Increased Item Specific Visibility - The item specifics for the product have been moved way up the page so that they are now previously where the shipping information was. This is a great change to the page layout as it now allows buyers to see all of the important information about the product at the top, rather than having to scroll down the page. 
  • Detailed Watcher Information - Rather than just having the "Add to Watch list" button, you can now see how many people are currently watching that product. This is a great new addition for both buyers and sellers alike as it provides buyers with more information about a products popularity, while also increasing the chances of a seller achieving sales as a high number of watchers will encourage a customer to quickly make a purchase. 

The only down side of the new item page for some sellers may be the fact that the your store information has been moved further down the right-hand column. This change means that until they become familiar with the new layout, customers may have difficulty locating this information on the page.  

What you need to do

This information gives all ecommerce stores the opportunity to make changes to your store so that you are ready for the impending changes. This means altering your product information so that all of the product details that will soon be placed at the top of the item page are correct, with as much detail as possible included. 

However, the important aspect of your product for you to look at is the images. If your images are currently rather small, you now need to look at getting new images for your products, ones that are big enough to fit the new 500 pixel area without the image looking stretched. 

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