Monday, 15 October 2012

Google and the key to ecommerce success

Working with a number of different online stores on a daily basis, we always advise our clients that the key to success comes in not only being able to sell in as many places as possible, but also have your products appear in as many places as you can . The more places your products are visible in, the more chance a customer has of stumbling across your products and visiting your site to make a sale. One of these places you should look to have your products appear, is within the Google Shopping section. 

No matter if you sell on eBay, Amazon or run your own ecommerce store, Google shopping is one of the best comparison sites around in not only helping customers locate the products they want, but helping online stores achieve a greater number of sales. A survey carried out earlier this year by CPC Strategy found that out of all of the search engine comparison sites, Google ranked highest with a click through rate of 2.78% during the first quarter. The study looked at over 4 million clicks, which cost $1.16 million in advertising spending and brought in $7.87 million in revenue.

The top 10 comparison sites based on click through rate are as follows:

  • Google - 2.78%
  • Nextag - 2.06%
  • Pronto - 1.97%
  • PriceGrabber - 1.75%
  • - 1.71%
  • Amazon Product Ads - 1.60%
  • Become - 1.57%
  • Shopzilla - 1.43%
  • Bing - 1.35%
  • TheFind - 0.71%

All of our free ecommerce stores here at eSellution come with the ability for users to verify their domain with Google, ensuring all their products appear not only within the various shopping channels we provide, but also appear within the Google product search section. While this on its own will not ensure that your business achieves wide brand awareness, it should definitely be included in an marketing strategy you plan on implementing. 

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