Thursday, 18 October 2012

eBay giving sellers further protection from unfair buyers

As we at eSellution constantly see with a number of different eBay stores, your feedback levels play a crucial part in not only how your store is perceived by the buying public, but with the imminent introduction of eBay's new search engine, it will also play a huge role in where your store ranks within some search results. While a lot of this feedback maybe justified, some stores in the past have been crippled by buyers leaving unfair negative comments, leaving a seller with no recourse to fight the allegation. However, that has all seemingly changed.

eBay are now looking to try and even the playing field somewhat, by giving sellers the ability to leave negative feedback on a buyer. This is done within the new (well reintroduced) "Rate this transaction" section that allows you to state whether the experience was positive or if you wish to report the buyer. You then need to put in the comments section specifically why you are reporting this buyer. However, eBay wish for a seller to only report a buyer if you believe they have done something to violate eBay's policies. 

Essentially, what this does is give the ability for an eBay store to fight against any negative feedback that they believe they have been unfairly given. eBay will then look into the case in order to not only protect you, but protect any future sellers that buyer comes into contact with. If eBay find that you have been unfairly given negative feedback, they will take appropriate actions to remedy the situation.

Although eBay have now made this change, for some this has come way too late as they have already grown tired of buyers unfairly harming their business and are now looking to break away for the marketplace and use ecommerce software to open up their ecommerce store, which will give them more control over the running of their business. 

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