Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How to stop your business being the victim of a buyer scam

When running an an online business there are a number of different issues you must address such as choosing the right ecommerce software, setting up the correct website and logo, having the right products in your store as well as also ensuring you have the best delivery service for your store. 

As your ecommerce store gets up and running, your aim is to provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience you can. While all of your efforts may be good natured, you will find that some of your customers will look to take advantage of this good nature for their own gain. Due to this reason, we here at eSellution, advise any business we work with to make sure that they have some sort of tracked delivery method for all of their orders.  

While not having some form of recorded delivery will mean that it will cost you less to deliver a product to the customer, the problems begin to arise when one of the customers claims that they haven't received their order. Although some of these may not have actually received their order, a lot will have got their order and will simply be doing this to try and take advantage of the fact you have no tracked delivery method in place. What would then happen is that if for example the payment was made through Paypal on your eBay or ecommerce store, the customer would say to Paypal that they have not received their order and as you have no way to prove that your product was delivered to the customer's address, Paypal would give the customer his money back. This will leave you with one less product in your inventory and no money for it.

If you did have a tracked delivery service, when the customer made the claim that they never received their order, you would have proof that their product reached the customer at their address at a specific date or time. This essentially leaves the customer's claim without a leg to stand on, preventing Paypal from returning their payment to them. As you can see, while it will cost you more to use tracked delivery as opposed to a standard delivery method, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Having this method ensures you are not wasting time having a great ecommerce or eBay templates, fantastic products and a great service, only for someone to come along and essentially try and steal money from you.

Another scam you should also look for is customers selecting a domestic shipping service despite having a delivery address that is abroad. What they are essentially trying to do is avoid paying International shipping charges. Unlike the previous scam, there is nothing you can do to protect yourself. It is just a case of being vigilant and checking that the delivery method is correct before shipping the product out. Once the product has been sent out there is nothing you can do and it  

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