Friday, 19 October 2012

eBay on the rise and mobile could be the key

Although many eBay sellers are concerned about how the new Cassini search engine will affect their ability to generate traffic and sales, it would seem that the marketplace is going from strength to strength as sales in the US they have seen their year on year Q3 sales rise 16% to $6.48 billion from $5.59 billion. 

John Donahoe, eBay's President and CEO, has put this Q3 increase largely down to the growth in mobile commerce: "Mobile continues to be a game changer for us, and we continue to be a clear leader in mobile commerce and payments." 

The growth that eBay has seen in their sales figures, particularly through their mobile platform was emphasised last month through the announcement that the total number of eBay apps downloaded and the number of products listed through mobile devices has surpassed the 100 million figure. The growth of mobile commerce over the last year was summed up nicely on eBay's Ink Blog, who stated:

"Mobile commerce is exploding...connecting people to the things they need and love and helping sellers of all sizes in today's rapidly changing world."

As we here a eSellution tell not only our customers, but our reads too, the future of ecommerce store success lies very much in having a mobile friendly store. With many people now shopping not only on smartphones, but also tablet devices, having various stores that appear correctly on various platforms is going to be key to you achieving any future success. 

Most ecommerce software package, such as the one we provide here at eSellution, provide users with a number of different platforms for you to sell online, giving you the best possible chance of making your store successful.

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