Friday, 19 October 2012

Ideas to increase your sales throughout Halloween

With many buyers and sellers alike gearing up in anticipation for a busy Christmas period, a lot of stores will notice a decline in sales up until he start of December as most people look to save money in order to purchase those much needed Xmas presents.

However, while some sales levels may be tailing off, you can look to take advantage of events running up to the winter months in order to give your sales a bit of a boost.  

With many adults looking to dress up for Halloween parties and children dressing up to go trick or treating, placing a new range of fancy dress clothing on your site might be a great way to give your ecommerce store a much needed boost. 

Like with all seasonal based items, you want to make sure that your order the right amount of stock for your business, you don't want to be left with a load of Halloween costumes that nobody wants anymore once November rolls around. If you have built up a strong social media presence, one way to ensure you are buying Halloween orientated stock that you know your customers will be interested in is to simply ask them. For example, you could place 10 different Halloween costumes on to your Facebook site and ask your customers to vote on which costumes they would purchase. You could then add the 5 most popular products to your store. That way you are adding products that you know at least a few people will purchase from you.  

However, it doesn't just have to be Halloween costumes you add to your store, you could add pumpkins, party decorations and anything else that people may use in order to celebrate the scariest night of the year. 

For our American friends or businesses who have a large American customer base, you can also look to include items related to the Thanksgiving holiday on November 22nd. This could include selling a range of table decorations, centrepieces and other pilgrim based items which would allow people to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in style. 

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