Wednesday, 3 October 2012

eBay thinking pink this October

As this month is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, eBay are looking to help increase this awareness by giving sellers and buyers the ability to pledge a donation to help get involved. 

If you would like to play your part and have your eBay store participate in this initiative throughout October, you can choose to pledge a percentage of each of your sales to non profit organisations such as Bright Pink and the Avon Foundation. The minimum percentage must be 10% or more but there is no maximum limit. If you are feeling incredibly generous this month, you can look to give 100% of all your sales to charity. If you do decide to give away a certain percentage of your sale, eBay will refund the insertion as listing fee up to that specific percentage. So for example, if you decide to give away 10% of your sale, eBay will refund 10% of your insertion and final value fee

However, giving away a percentage of your sales is just a little more than you can afford to give, you can still look to make a contribution by pledging a specific amount as a donation through the eBay Giving Works section. 

You can also look to get involved with the charity drive through eBay's Facebook page, allowing you to carry out a number of different actions to help play your part. Every act you carry out will result in a $1 donation being given to eBay's non-profit partners up to a total of $20,000.

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