Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Selecting the right keywords to make your business a success

Making your website search engine friendly is key in helping lift your ecommerce store up the search engine rankings, allowing you to increase your brand image, drive more traffic to your site and increase the number of sales you can achieve.

If you have only recently started running an online store or are unsure as to how SEO words, selecting the right meta tags and keywords for your pages and products can often be a difficult task. Inserting the wrong word or even the wrong letter can make the difference between having a keyword that gets thousands of monthly searches and a word that gets very few.

See how the keywords perform locally and globally
In order to see which keywords are more popular than others in search engines, both locally and globally, you can use a number of different keyword tools. If you are a small business and do not have much money to put towards your store's SEO, you can use Google's free keyword tool. This tool allows you to enter various keywords or phrases and then will show you how many people have searched for that phrase on Google in the last month. The tool also gives you a list of similar key phrases which you may want to use. This allows you to look through a list of key phrases that relate to what it is your business provides and select the most popular keywords for each. 

This tool shouldn't just be used for the keywords for each of your webpages, you should look to use it for every single one of the products your store has no sale. Having popular meta information for each of your products allows people to come across your products through search engine queries, rather than coming across a page and then stumbling across your product on that page. Furthermore, if you have no yet decided on a domain name for your business, you can also use a keyword tool to help choose the right one. This allows you to include the most popular keywords within your domain name, enabling you to have your site start off as high up the rankings as possible, while also allowing you to increase the number of people who will come across your site. However, when selecting keywords for your domain address, you must always bear in mind that it should make sense and be something a user would search for. There's no point having a bunch of popular keywords as your domain name when it all likelihood a user wouldn't enter all of these keywords into a search engine. 

After you have entered the keywords for all the different aspects of your online store, the worst thing you can  do is just leave it at that. Like all aspects of public interest, most things come and go out of fashion, meaning one month your key phrase may be highly searchable, but the next month it may have very few searches. Atleast once a month you should look at all your keywords to see how they are performing in both local and global searches. If you find that some keywords are going down and there are other you didn't use that are on the rise, you may want to think about switching out your falling keywords for the ones that are on the up.

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