Thursday, 4 October 2012

Paypal's mobile marketing mission

With mobile commerce becoming an increasingly popular platform for customers to purchase goods online, many ecommerce stores have now begun attempting to take advantage of this platform to the fullest, not only by having a mobile version of their online store, but also by using every mobile marketing technique that is available to them.

Payments business Paypal have announced two new mobile marketing techniques for the medium called GeoMetrics and GeoAudience. 

GeoMetrics allows an ecommerce store to compare the success of their various mobile marketing campaigns based on the different geographical locations. This allows a business to see specifically where customers are geographically when they engage with your store's brand. This means that if you find you have a number of customers who are engaging with your brand in one specific geographical location, you may decide to input more marketing resources to this location in order to take further advantage of this growth in mobile engagement. The more information you can be given regarding success and interaction of each of your mobile marketing campaigns, the better your performance will be, as you will be able to tailor your tactics to create the highest level of engagement that you possibly can. 

GeoAudience uses both the online and offline data which has been gathered to allow you to leverage one specific geographical location in order to get the best possible results in terms of engagement and sales for your online store. The feature allows you to either target a specific audience group which may be interested in the products you have to sell or you can focus on targeting a specific group of people who will be in a specific geographical location at a specific time of day, such as people leaving a football stadium at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. 

The idea behind these two features is to not only provide the business owner with more statistical information to make a successful mobile marketing campaign, but also allows you to tailor your content in a way that will engage and appeal to specific customer groups, allowing businesses to establish those initial relationships that will bring customers to your store, turn them into a buy and then hopefully continue that engagement by having them become repeat buyers in the future. 

If you are a small business who doesn't have the funds required to just give different mobile marketing techniques a go and see how they do, it may be worth having a look at these services to see how you may be able to get a better ROI for your business's marketing campaigns.

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