Friday, 12 October 2012

Logo design and important aspects you must consider

Running an ecommerce store is a constant juggling act, managing various different aspects of your business such as the products and sales, social media and any other marketing that your business requires. If you are the sole employee of your online store, there may be times when you overlook certain aspects of the business, focussing on other areas that you believe require more attention. One of the areas that a lot of store owners tend to overlook is the logo. 

The success of an ecommerce business, comes in the ability to successfully develop a long term brand image. This means that when a customer sees your store name, logo or any other aspect relating to your business, they instantly associate it with your online store. As your logo makes up an important part of your brand image, it is vitally important that you have a logo that is not only appealing in design, but relates to what it is your ecommerce store provides.

When deciding on the right logo for your business, you should consider a number of different factors:

  • Colour - The colours for your logo should not only relate to what you sell, but also relates to the overall style of your ecommerce store. If for example, you have a sky blue website but decide that you want your logo to be lime green, this is going to create a contrast in your designs and stops the logo from blending in with your overall design. 

  • Message - While your logo as a whole is a message in itself, you may decide that you want a specific text message within your logo in addition to the name of your store. If you do choose to insert a message, you need to remember that this will most likely become the slogan for your business.

  • Image - Essentially, this makes up a large proportion of your logo. For example, Nike has the tick, Macdonalds has the yellow 'M' and Pizza Hut has the red hut image. When your store brand does become more established, this is the main focal point of your business that will become synonymous with users. For some online stores, you may decide that you only want to have this image as your logo, rather than having any text. However, as your brand recognition won't be very high in the early stages of your ecommerce business, it is better to provide a customer with as much information about your brand as possible. Once you have established a larger brand awareness, you can then look to relaunch your brand with an image that is synonymous with your business.  

  • Size - Where you place your logo is going to determine the size of the image you need. For example, the size of your logo on your website is going to be smaller than the size of the logo image you would place on any advertising content. When creating your logo, you should look to have a number of different sizes and image formats created. What you don't want to do is have one image size and then stretch that logo to make it look bigger as you require. This will just make your logo look pixelated and blurry, harming your overall store image. 

If you are someone who may not be the most creative person in the world, there are a number of different design companies who you can employ to create the perfect logo for your business (such as the service we provide here at eSellution.) While having someone create the right logo for your business is a more costly process that creating one yourself, the benefits that a well designed logo will provide not only to your business, but your brand image, considerably outweigh the cost of creation.

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