Monday, 22 October 2012

Online sellers must engage with Christmas shoppers earlier than usual

According eBay's new feature, the advertising barometer, which monitors the shopping trends of many users through the marketplace, most businesses who run an ecommerce store are not acting quick enough in order to take advantage of buyers looking to start their Christmas shopping early.

While these customers are still making a large proportion of their purchases online, many sellers are missing the opportunity to entice these shoppers to buy from their store through special offers, promotions and other marketing campaigns that are aimed specifically at the Christmas shopper. 

According to comments from Phoung Nguyen, UK head of eBay Advertising, placed on The Drum: "The Christmas browsing window is expanding; people are starting their Christmas earlier in the year, but leaving it later and later to make purchases."

Although customers may not be making the actual purchases until the latest possible opportunity, online stores who take advantage of this early consumer interest are the ones who are most likely going to see the greatest increase in sales over the Winter months. Essentially, this means you need to get your Christmas range, promotions and other offers out there for people to see at the earliest possible opportunity. However, this doesn't necessarily mean placing them all on your store for customers to browser in the Summer, it could simply mean sending out an email advertising your up and coming Winter range, placing information on your social media sites or developing banners and other advertising content for customers to view. 

The earlier you engage with these customers, the more likely you are going to see a huge increase not only in terms of the number of sales you make, but also how much you make from each sale. When a customer is planning their Christmas shopping schedule, they tend to focus on getting the main, larger presents early and then get the smaller gifts at a later date. Although a late marketing campaign will allow you to see an increase in sales through the smaller purchases, it's the larger items you should be looking to see as these will produce the best profit levels.

Although many people still prefer that Christmas Eve shopping spree, the days of running around shopping centres in a mad panic for those last minute Christmas gifts could soon be a thing of the past, as it is thought that by Christmas next year, shopping from the comfort of your own home through mobile commerce will soon make up over 40% of all ecommerce sales. 

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