Monday, 22 October 2012

The best mobile shopping applications for buyers and sellers

With the face of ecommerce ever changing and moving more towards mobile commerce each year, it is important as an online business that you make your online store as mobile accessible as possible in order to achieve the highest possible sales. Whether you're a seller or a buyer, it's important that you are constantly using the most popular shopping applications to not only find the best value products around, but also see how your ecommerce store is ranking in comparison to your competitors. 


A shopping application developed by eBay that allows you to find stores within your local area that have the products you are looking to buy, as well as then searching online to compare prices with other online stores in order to find the customer the best possible deal. The feature also boasts a review system that allows people to look at what other people think about a particular product, influencing the customer's decision as whether to make a purchase or not. 

However, the most impressive aspect of the application comes in it's barcode scanner. If you are out shopping or have a product at home you would like to replace, you simply scan the barcode using the app and it will then search the local area and online to find that product. 


One of the more popular shopping application that allows users to not only search for products and deals, but also add details and images of products they have come across. For a business owner, this is a good way to increase your brand awareness by adding your products for users of the application to come across and purchase. 

Google Shopper 

An application developed by online giants Google that also allows you to scan products, search online and find other local outlets within a geographical location. The application also allows users to search for products through voice commands and also has a daily offers section that provides users a list of all offers which are available at particular outlets. For online sellers, the application can also help develop your social commerce by offering a feature that allows users to share product details with their friends. 

Each of these applications is a great way for customers to not only come across your online store, but also allow you to keep an eye on your competitors and see how your store falls within public standing. However, to truly achieve success within this field, you must ensure that your online store is fully optimised for mobile devices. If you have yet to create a mobile version of your ecommerce store, you can get one for free from us here at eSellution

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