Thursday, 29 November 2012

eBay alter new multi variation images policy

eBay has made changes to it multi variation images policy after receiving a number of complaints from eBay store owners. 

Recently, eBay made changes to the variation images, displaying a specific variation, such as a certain colour, on the product search results depending on the search query which a user entered. However, many store owners complained about this change as they preferred having the general composite image that showed all of the variations of a product that a store has for sale. 

The problem with the multi variation images is that if a buyer doesn't like the look of the product you have for  sale in the specific variation, the likelihood is that they aren't going to know that there are other variations available. This often results in them dismissing your product as a potential purchase and looking for other search results. 

According to a statement on eBay's UK general announcements, the new multi variation images will be rolled back on December 5th to the original main share product image on all product searches, across all categories. However, the colour variation images will still be used on colour related searches. 

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