Tuesday, 13 November 2012

eBay revamp Top Seller status

eBay have released a brand new badge for some of it's top rated sellers that meet a specific set of requirements. 

The badge will begin appearing on eBay store owners who have not only have the usual top rated seller requirements, but also offer no more than a 1 day handling time and a money-back returns policy of at least 14 days. 

If you are an eBay seller who is currently a top rated seller, you need to update both your policies and your overall purchasing system to ensure that you now reach these new requirements. If you are someone is the sole worker for their business, reducing handling time can often be difficult due to the influx of orders you receive  especially over the Christmas period. To try and give yourself the best chance of achieving as low a handling time as you possibly can, ensure you have the basics covered. 

These basics include:

  • Having your packaging system all set up and ready
  • Drafting in help if orders get too much
  • Make sure you have enough stock to cover all orders
  • Get the products to the couriers in time for one-business day handling

Achieving the top seller ranking will not only make your profile look nicer with a bright new crest on your eBay templates, but it will also instil confidence in your customers, increasing the chances of them not only visiting your store, but making a purchase.

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