Monday, 12 November 2012

eBay's much anticipated International selling feature up and running

eBay have launched their International Rate Card for eBay store owners who are currently on eBay's Anchor Shop package. 

In the past, whenever a seller has decided that they want to sell Internationally, they had to list each of their products as being available for overseas customers to purchase it. However, the new International Seller Rate Card allows sellers to list their products directly on to a number of different eBay sites within Europe and in Australia. 

This means that rather than a buyer having to come to the eBay UK site and purchasing from there as an International purchaser, the buyer can simply view it on their country's own eBay site as long as they are based in one of the countries within the International Seller Rate Card package. As an eBay seller, it will allow you to dramatically increase the number of users your products are exposed to, most likely resulting in an increase in sales. 

If you are an eBay seller who would like to take advantage of this new feature, you must upgrade your eBay account to the Anchor Shop package at £349.99 a month and then tick the box to "Opt in to eBay International Selling." 

To apply to be part of this new International selling feature you must be a top rated seller. However, should you lose your top rated seller status once you have been accepted, you will not lose access to the feature. Any sales made Internationally will also not affect the Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) that you have in the UK.

Before taking the plunge and upgrading your account to an anchor package, you need to first crunch the numbers in order to make sure that it will be the right move for your business. If you are not already on the anchor shop package you need to check how much you are paying based on the number of products you are listing in the UK as well as how much you are paying to list products on other International sites. For many eBay stores this will be the right move as many businesses are currently paying more than £349.99.

When branching out to International markets, you also may want to look at how you can use ecommerce software to also increase the number of channels your ecommerce store operates in, allowing you to develop your brand image and increase sales. We at eSellution offer a number of different packages to suit all online sellers, ranging from a free ecommerce store to our  Enterprise package.

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