Monday, 12 November 2012

How to create a successful blog

When producing content to engage with your audience or for the purpose of improving your search engine ranking, producing fresh and entertaining content on a regular basis can often be difficult. However, whether you run an ecommerce store or another type of business, there are a number of different ways you can keep your audience engaged on a regular basis.

  • Break up your text - If a reader has to read through reams and reams of text, no matter how appealing your writing is, there are soon going to get either bored or frustrated. The best way to avoid this is to break up your text by either separating the text into paragraphs, using bullet points to make key points concise or inserting a range of different images that relate to your subject.

  • Don't waffle - Just like having clumps of text all together, taking three sentences to say something that can be summed up in one is another way to alienate your audience. Keep your writing sharp and concise, allowing your writing to be as informative as possible.

  • Offer guest bloggers - While you might produce appealing content and have a dedicated audience, having a guest write an article for your site from time to time can have a number of benefits. The obvious benefit is that you are getting fresh content without you having to actually write it. Furthermore, you are also getting a professional source with their own following to write for your site. This means that their audience will visit your site to view the content the guest blogger has produced for you, resulting in your brand image, website traffic and total blog reads taking a healthy boost.

  • Stay topical - When coming up with ideas for content, you should always be aware of what subjects are topical both in the news and in social circles. You can then look to create your own slant on this subject by relating it to something to do with your ecommerce business. This allows you to try and achieve the highest reads possible as there will be a number of people out there currently interested in that specific topic. However, this interest works both ways. There is no point writing about something that people were interested in a few months ago as they are likely no longer interested in anything relating to it. 

  • Get your audience involved - When writing a blog article, try and pose questions in your text that that makes the reader think and possibly encourages them to engage with you either through your social media pages or by commenting at the bottom of the blog post. Creating a platform for discussion at the end of your article is a great way to establish a dedicated audience and achieve a high amount of reads and shares.

  • Share your content - While you may get a few reads from your dedicated audience by just writing a blog post and then leaving it there for people to read, you need to share your content in a number of different places to give your content the best exposure possible. This means sharing your articles across Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit and any other social bookmarking sites you come across. Depending on the CMS system or ecommerce software you are using to create your blog, you also want to include links to the social media pages to do with your business. That way if someone stumbles across one of your blog articles, they can visit one of your social media pages to get more information about your business.

  • Post regularly - Whether you are posting to entertain your audience or to improve your social media ranking through backlinks, it is vitally important you post on a regular basis. Just writing an article every few months isn't going to be enough to get enough backlinks to boost your ranking or to get a dedicated following. At the very least you should be producing one or two articles a week. If you have the time you may even decide to produce one every day. 

  • Link to other areas - If you are looking to produce your blog in order to help generate traffic and hopefully turn them into customers, remember to mention the services you provide within the text as well as placing links to other areas of your website.

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