Thursday, 1 November 2012

Facebook testing new way to sell online

According to an article published in the US, Facebook are currently testing a new way to allow users to sell their products on the social media site, in the form of classified advertisements. 

The project, dubbed "Marketplace", will allow users to create their own advertisements on items they currently have for sale and then have them appear on their friends news feeds. While this seems to be very similar to Facebook's current promoted post feature, it is believed that the new feature may allow users to add pictures, specifications and other information a person may need when deciding to purchase a product.

How could this help a business?

When you first read what the project is looking to provide, it seems like it will be more of a tool to help causal sellers get rid of one or two items they have lying around. However, from the perspective of an ecommerce store, this could be a great way to give your more popular products a boost in sales and awareness.

With fast Christmas approaching, you may have a few products in your store that sell better than others. There are the products that you would use within this "Marketplace" feature. People who follow your business would then be exposed to these products, allowing them to either visit your ecommerce or your Facebook store in order to purchase the product or view similar products you have for sale. Not only that, the fact your product can be see by users on their news feed, they have the option to then share your product with all the friends on their friends list. This means that this feature can allow your products to be exposed to literally thousands of people within seconds, dramatically increasing the traffic and sales your store will receive.

Just like the promoted posts, this feature will require the user to pay a certain amount in order to have the classified advertisement appear on the news feeds on your followers. The exposure your products could achieve, emphasises the need for all businesses to correctly engage with their social media pages to ensure they get the highest number of followers possible. 

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