Friday, 2 November 2012

The importance of retargeting this Christmas

When looking around for the best places to purchase their Christmas presents, many customers don't really know where to go, searching across a number of different ecommerce stores to compare what's on offer and at what price. 

This indecision presents a great opportunity for any online business, whether it's an ecommerce or eBay store, to try and direct the customer towards their site, enticing them to purchase their Christmas presents from their store. While many think retargeting is a way to bring back customers who have purchased from your store in order to turn them into repeat customers, it doesn't just stop there. 

As Christmas shoppers tend to browse online stores well before Christmas gets in full swing, if you sell products that themselves or their family members are interested in, they may have already looked through your site to see what you have on offer. 

Retargeting advertisements then begin to appear within this users Internet browser, advertising similar products that they previously purchased or viewed in your store. While their shopping experience may have been some months earlier, the retargeting adverts remind the user about your store, prompting them to return again to see what other offers you have. 

However, it isn't just enough having the advertisement appear in the browser, you need to create an advertisement that fits in with the current shopping trend. Obviously, as Christmas is approaching, any advertisements you create should be based around around this theme as well as highlighting any offers you are currently running. Also the style of the design should relate to your overall brand image. For example, the colour scheme should not only have Christmas connotations, but should also relate to whatever ecommerce or eBay template design you have on your store.  

Not only will these retargeting ads increase your brand exposure, they will also increase your traffic and hopefully your sales as customers who have previously purchased from you return to buy again and customers who looked at your products months ago also return but this time to make that first time purchase. 

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