Wednesday, 14 November 2012

From eBay with love

If you missed out on eBay's Sunday Spectacular last weekend don't worry, judging from information on eBay's site it looks like they will be running another one this weekend. 

The sale event will begin on Sunday 18th November at 8am and will last for the entire day. The offer boasts up to 75% off RRP, but is only limited to one purchase per deal. 

Last Sunday's sale saw a surge in sales across the marketplace with all of the products within the promotion, such as iPads, iPhones and other equipment selling out quickly. 

For an eBay store not part of the promotion but sells similar products to those within eBay's Sunday Spectacular, if you were planning on running an early Christmas promotion this weekend you may want to leave it until another time as you may find it difficult to compete with some of the prices that will be on offer for buyers this weekend. 

For all buyers it's a case of set your alarm clocks for early Sunday morning to make sure that you take advantage of all these promotions before they quickly run out.

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