Thursday, 22 November 2012

Google+ to transform online sales

When a customer decides that they wish to purchase a product from an ecommerce store, they have first considered a number of different variables that include price, images, the stores brand image and of course customer reviews. On top of most other variables, customer reviews play a pivotal role in deciding for a customer whether they are going to purchase or not. 

Google's social media platform "Google+" is now providing customers with information that is valuable to each specific user through the ability to show that Google+ user any reviews on a product that has been left by any of their friends. The idea is that 1 review off a friend is going to be much more valuable to a user than 100 reviews from random people. 

To see a review left by a friend, you don't have to be on the product. By selecting the "Local" tab on a friend's Google+ profile, you can see all of the reviews they have left. This makes the system a great idea for online sellers as it exposes users to products in your store without them having to actually visit your site.  The feature also allows you to leave reviews yourself to aid your friends in any future purchases they may be looking to make. 

However, it isn't just online stores where this feature is being used, you can leave reviews for restaurants, hotels and any other service as well as providing your own pictures. 

Since it's launch, Google+ has been finding it difficult to compete with other social media platforms and it is thought this new shopping feature could help increase it's standing with many users, particularly those who have a passion for online shopping. 

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