Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Is Facebook advertising just one big scam?

Facebook's recent movement towards paid promotion seemed like a great tool for an ecommerce store to help increase their public brand image, allowing them to engage with more users through their Facebook page. However, while on paper is looks like a good idea, in reality is it causing more harm than good?

Due to these paid advertisement options, Facebook have limited the true reach that your posts will achieve. When you send out a status update regarding your business such as the latest products you have, offers you are running or any questions you are putting to your customers, you would expect that everyone who is following you would be able to see the post. The truth is that only around 40% of your total followers will be able to see it. 

So, why would they do this?

 Well the answer is simple really. The less people your posts reach, the less engagement you are going to get and the more it will make you think that your Facebook posts aren't working and something needs to change. The theory is that this would then result in you using some of Facebook's paid promotion channels to increase the number of followers and engagement your business page is achieving. 

It also means that a user's news feed has a set percentage of sponsored posts visible, rather than the news feed being taken up by nearly all organic posts, strengthening Facebook's stance that promoted posts genuinely do work. 

What's the solution?

In order for you to get the maximum possible reach on your posts, meaning that everyone who follows you will be able to see what you post, you need to get your followers to click on "Like" button and then select "Add to Interests List." This will ensure that all of your followers are able to see everything that you post in the future. 

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