Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Two new features to help boost eBay sales

eBay this week announced two new features that they believe will help boost the sales of those running an eBay store; Item Condition Notes and Multi Variation Merger application.

The Item Condition Notes feature allows you to place important information regarding a product at the top of the listing page. In the past many online sellers have had buyers complain that the item they purchased was not as described, simply due to the fact that the buyer hadn't read the item description properly and had overlooked key aspects.

The new notes feature eliminates this problem by ensuring that a customer is able to see all of the key information regarding the product right at the top of the listing, ensuring they have all the facts before deciding  whether to make the purchase. This will help not only increase the number of sales a store achieves by keeping the buyer more informed, it will also most likely result in the number of returns decreasing.

The second new feature from eBay, the Multi Variation Merger tool, allows sellers to create multiple variation listings based on a single listing and what's more, it's all for a single listing fee. While this has already been seen on a number of different categories across eBay, it has only recently been added to the category where it will be most important; fashion. 

Not only will this feature allow you to achieve more sales, it will also allow you to reduce your costs as you can combine, size, colour and any other variations on a product into one listing, rather than having to create separate listings for each variation.

Sellers will also be able to use the tool to keep the Best Match score that you have with individual listings while also allows you to achieve increased visibility for some of the listings you have that haven't performed as well in the past. 

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