Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stuff by eBay - Good idea or invasion of privacy?

eBay are testing a new email platform that they have created called "Stuff by eBay." The tool uses your email address registered to your eBay account to search through all of the emails you have ever received and then picks out all the purchases. The tool them provides you with a list of every single purchase you have ever made online.

According to Ziv Meltzer, the creator of the Stuff by eBay tool said that the tool "scans email receipts that merchants sent you after you have made a purchase." Meltzer also has also said that the only emails that are scanned are these from the merchants and no other. 

The idea behind the new tool is to give users one centralised location where you can organise all of the information regarding all of the purchases you have made online. This means you will be able to see invoices, reciepts, policy information and everything else that you could possibly think of when making a purchase. The tool also allows you to share your purchases with your friends across various social media platforms. 

Although this is a good idea if you regularly purchase online, in a world where online security is paramount, many people may be hesitant to give a tool access to their own personal email account that most likely contains other information emails, not just purchase notifications. Furthermore, the fact that the platform is powered by Slice begs the questions as to why they didn't launch the tool themselves, but instead under the eBay name to increase it's levels of trust with online buyers.

The tool is currently in the beta testing page and is available at http://stuff.ebay.com

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