Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The American Presidential race provides top ecommerce tips

With Barack Obama comfortably defeating Mitt Romney in the race for the for US President, the Hawaiian is set for another four year tenure in the White House. In his victory speech, Obama promised American citizens  that "the best is yet to come."

While Obama will focus on improving health care, reforming immigration policies and the safety of troops abroad, how can owners of an ecommerce store follow in the footsteps of the re-elected President and improve their online business to make it more successful than ever.


Obama spent months travelling around the states, meeting many people, shaking many hands and kissing many babies all in an attempt to create a more favourable public perception. While you can't spend your time travelling around promoting your business, you can use social media platforms to engage with your current customers and have them do the work for you. Regularly engaging with your customers on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms ensures that they have the best possible experience when engaging with your business. This positive experience will then result in them telling their friends and family about your business, further developing your brand image and traffic.


When setting up your own online store, you will have a number of ideas and values that are dear to you in helping you achieve long and short term success. As your business grows and your brand identity develops, it's important to not only hold on to these values but also take into account the values of your customers. Developing a business that meets the values of the customer is going to improve their shopping experience and ensure that they return to your store in the future to make another purchase.


Like all political campaigns, what a candidate promises they are going to do in the future plays a big role in whether they decide to vote for that candidate or not. The same principle applies to your business. When running your ecommerce business you want to regularly inform your customers about any offers you are running through your ecommerce software or any new product lines that will be added to your store in the near future. These promises keep the users engaged with your store on a regular basis. However, failing to deliver on these promises will not only damage your public image, but will also result in many customers perceiving your business and untrustworthy and refusing to buy from you.


While President Obama is considered the most powerful man on the planet, it's important to remember that it wasn't just him to go him there. He has a large team behind him, not only his family, but the campaign team supporting him and countless volunteers who worked diligently to help him achieve another term in business. Setting up an ecommerce business from the ground up makes it very personal to you and while you may want to be the sole person to make your business a success, just like Barack Obama, it is important that you draft in help. Whether it's someone to improve your social media presence, handle your orders or to develop your website, extra hands working hard to improve your business is not only going to allow you to achieve more success. it is going to help your business and brand image grow considerably. 

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