Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Building an Online Business? - Guide 5 - Creating The Website

Creating your online business website can be a challenging project if the business owner has no previous experience of building a website, especially an ecommerce website in which to sell online. There are basically four choices that a new business has when wanting to produce a successful website.

The first option is to create the website themselves; this will involve learning or implementing the necessary skills to complete the project. If the business owner has experience in creating websites then the process to create an ecommerce solution should be quick and straightforward. The only negative factor will be the time it takes, as while the business owner is creating the website they are not out selling or marketing their business.

The second option is to employ an in-house web designer, if the website needs to be constantly updated with new products and information, like an ecommerce solution, then this option might be the most cost effective option. Hiring a good web designer is also quite difficult as there are various factors to take into consideration such as, portfolio, character and availability. If the website needs to be up quickly then this process may take some time and may not be right for your ecommerce solution.

The third option is to employ a design agency, this can be the most expensive option as prices vary greatly in this sector. Research local and national design agencies by looking at their current clients and get a strict itemised quote of the work they are going to carry out. It is also worth taking the quote to an internet professional or IT advisor to critique the quote as there may be features that you require or do not require on the quote. By having the quote critiqued, the business owner may save hundreds or even thousands of pounds, because they may end up with a website that looks good but has no functions to market or advertise the website or business.

The final option is to utilise website builder software or ecommerce software. This option is perfect for a business owner looking to save costs, cut time, and manage their website efficiently. There are various ecommerce software packages available but a business owner wants a package that includes all avenues to sell online, advertise, and update quickly. If the website is to sell products online then having ecommerce software that utilises channels such as eBay, Amazon and Facebook is a necessity for any modern online business.

Finding the best solution for the online business is to research the pros and cons of the above options that fit your business idea and requirements. Your website should reflect your business and your attitude towards making a success of selling online.

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