Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Starting Your Online Business? - Tutorial 2 – Software To Include In Your Business Plan

Many new businesses go into their online ecommerce solution without creating a business plan, this is a major mistake and it is recommended that a business plan is formed before the business goes to the next step. Business plans are much more than a tedious task of getting your numbers and forecast in order to please the bank, they provide a vital insight of where you see your business progressing too. They will also bring up issues that perhaps the business has not thought about such as ecommerce software. These business plans are a critical first step, as well as an ongoing process for your ecommerce solution to succeed.

Most new businesses do not require a huge business plan such as 40-50 page document which some authorities advise, your new business requires the basics. An outline of these basics can be located at your local bank. Once you have these basics in your business plan you can always add sections later as your ecommerce solution becomes more advanced.

An online business requires certain equipment and software for operating a successful ecommerce solution. First of all your office requires the basics for active use of your ecommerce software and business. These are:

  • A computer, latest equipment has hardware which should at least include 500GB Hard Drive, 2GB Memory, iCore Duo Processor and Wireless Access
  • Current Browser and eMail Software
  • eCommerce Software
  • Web Hosting with SSL Certificate
  • Merchant Account
  • Printer, Scanner, Fax – All in one Product
  • Graphics Software
  • Book Keeping Software
  • FTP Software
  • Google Account – Analytics, Adwords and Webmaster Tools

All of this equipment is a necessity for a successful ecommerce solution, include all of these needs into your business plan. There is funding available for business start-ups, especially for equipment, your local business support officer will have more information on the various funding options. Having up-to-date equipment is a business essential so by adding in the depreciation of the equipment into your business plan ensures your assets are covered.

Your online business must complete a business plan as this will be a guide of where your ecommerce solution will progress too in the short-term, and be amended to fit into the businesses long-term strategy.

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