Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Are you a small business? Going mobile could benefit your business massively!

Go Mobile - Why Smaller Businesses need to Capitalise on this Marketing Technique

As stated in earlier posts, smaller businesses need to adapt their marketing strategy to business size, e.g. inbound marketing methods as opposed to typical, costly outbound communication methods.

So, obviously a huge push has been placed on the notion of "going mobile" and producing a mobile friendly website in recent months, due to the vast increase in mobile users.  When you look at stats such as: 64% of smartphone users shop online, and 47% smartphone users use their devices to search local businesses and visit, it makes sense.

Why should small businesses maximise their mobile position?
  • Provide a better service to existing customers
  • Attract more local customers by having an online presence
  • Gain competitive advantage over other less technologically advanced/aware businesses
Too add further support, Web.com conducted a study of 500 small business owners, 60% of which possessed a website and 26% possessing a mobile friendly websites.

When questioned, results showed a massive 84% saw an increase in new business activity due to their mobile marketing efforts.  
Is this tool you can afford to miss out on?

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