Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Black Hat SEO - At Your Own Risk!

While search engine optimisation is a great way to increase the ranking on your business in search engine queries, there are a number of different SEO techniques which will result in your business falling sharply down the rankings. These negative SEO techniques are known as 'Black Hat' SEO and include:

  • Duplicating Content - Although stealing content from someone else's site will provide your own website with content, Google's algorithm is now able to pick out any content which has been duplicated from another site. This will result in your site bring penalised and moved down the rankings.
  • Doorway Pages - Creating links to pages that don't actually see. These links are only seen by search engine spiders in an attempt to help move your website up the ranking. 
  • Meta Tag Stuffing - Placing words into the Meta tags of your web pages that have absolutely nothing to do with your site or any of the content it contains.  
  • Invisible Text - Some sites look to increase their content and keywords by placing these random words throughout their site in white on a while background, making them invisible. The idea was that the search engine would then see these key words and move them up the ranking without you having to generate readable content.
  • Unrelated Keywords - Placing key words within your website's content that have absolutely nothing to do with your website. This meant that when someone searched for that particular keyword in a search engine, your website would come up as a result. 
  • Keyword Stuffing - Repeating a particular set of keywords over and over again through your text in order to gain a higher ranking. This often makes the text gibberish and difficult to understand. 

Google's algorithm is constantly updating to ensure that these types of SEO techniques are found. Once Google finds these techniques on your site, your website will be heavily penalised and sent down the rankings. This will have a detrimental affect on your website by seriously reducing the exposure and traffic you receive! 

Black Hat SEO Techniques

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