Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to build up fans for your Facebook store

Setting up your Facebook store is only the first step in establishing a successful online business. In order to build up a successful store you must look to draw in your customers. The way you do this on Facebook is by gaining 'Facebook Fans.'

There are a number of different reasons why people will become fans of your Facebook store. Many people do this too keep up to date with products, sales and information about the business. Based on this, it stands to reason that you should look to place as much information about the business and any future sales or promotions on to your Facebook page. 

Another strong tool in promoting your brand across Facebook and gaining fans as a result is to 'Like' similar businesses to the one you run. At first you may think "Why would I want to help my competitor by giving them more fans?" but the reality is that liking other businesses is mutually beneficial to both their business and yours. When you become a fan or their business, more often than not, that business will also become a fan of your Facebook store. Not only that, it also allows all of the people who are fans of that particular business to become aware of your Facebook store.

However, the best way to get fans on Facebook is simply by word of mouth. Get as many of your friends who have Facebook accounts to become a fan of your store as soon as possible. While you may think that having  a few people like your store wouldn't make any difference to your stores exposure, you couldn't be more wrong. When one person becomes a fan of your store, this action instantly becomes visible to all the friends linked to that account. This means that if this person has for example, 300 friends, 300 people will have just become aware of your business. If 5 people like your business who all have 300 unique friends, then your business has just become visible by 1500 people in a matter of seconds. 

When starting your Facebook store, it's steps like these that will help your business rapidly grow in no time!

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