Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Why Your Small Business Should be on LinkedIn..

Make sure you don't just rely on typical Facebook and Twitter, as LinkedIn continues to get overlooked


As a small business, running a social media front while in the early stages of start-up or with low staff numbers can be resource heavy.  Simply starting up a social networking page for your business then not engaging with it regularly to communicate and gain custom is worse than not having a page at all; it portrays a negative, lazy, unprofessional image of your brand, (which I'm sure you don't want).  Therefore, it is essential that you select a social media platform which can benefit your brand through developing an online presence, and getting the business known and spoken about.

A recent survey showed that of all the main social media sites, LinkedIn saw the biggest rise of usage, increasing from  25% to 31% between 2010 and 2011, a bigger jump from Facebook, whose usage increased by 3% to  44%. Twitter on the other hand suffered a drop in usage from 19% to 18%.  These figures suggest LinkedIn is set to grow further, and is the perfect professional platform to showcase your new or smaller business.

When endeavoring to develop your business's social media presence, LinkedIn can be the ideal place to earn advice at the same time as getting your business name out there. Your business should use this platform which is the meeting place for over 161 million professionals worldwide (March 2012, LinkedIn), as a key tool to gain advice and industry knowledge; to learn how to create a strategic company presence.  A LinkedIn profile also helps your business have a more personal and approachable image, as people are able to get to know you and your employees.

Having a LinkedIn profile makes it easier for your business to be discovered, members can find your company using LinkedIn’s advanced search tool.  It will also make you rank higher on Google search results pages, increasing customer awareness and generating new traffic to your website.  

You must also remember than LinkedIn is a key place to showcase your key skills and knowledge, so milk it! Help your small business stand out - after all, your human resources build the strength of your company.

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